Art, Mushrooms & Log Cultivation with Martin Bridge

Martin Bridge, visionary artist, mushroom enthusiast and cultivator explores the intersection between permaculture, artwork and cultivating mushrooms using logs. Enjoy this free and unique tutorial from one of our favorite artists!

You can also explore his work on his website here.

Cultivating Medicinal Mushrooms: A Live Collaborative Webinar

Together with leaders Dr. Olivia Giguere N.D, and Dr. Matthew Hicks, N.D, MS and founder of Evolved, Jonathan Fredette, we guide you through several lessons on the medicinal properties of common mushrooms as well as an entry-level approach to cultivation. Explore the following lessons in:

Explore a diversity of lessons in functional mushroom application for wellness, including cordyceps, lion's mane and turkey tail mushrooms as well as a broad overview of themes in mycology, mushroom cultivation and more. Enjoy!